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Masochistic Tendencies. Delicious filth.

Trailing and filtering through the masses of uninspiring, same-shit-different-clit-porn this week as I often do, I was rewarded with stumbling across a scene from one of the first BDSM-bizarre productions I ever had the pleasure of soaking my sheets over.

Some of this may not be your thing. Whilst it’s not extreme in the blood or scat sense – it’s hardcore on slapping, humiliation and degradation. You need to understand the need to be totally reduced, because Careena Collins begged for a joyride to ecstatic hell in this one.

Starring Melissa Monet, Careena Collins and a third man who I can only find one name for - Nyte - and no other trace of him (didn't look that hard), Masochistic Tendencies : Second Night follows Careena's "alter-ego, CaSee, on maid duty for her Big Black Dominant when she`s suddenly turned over to his Entertainment for the evening: a sharp-tongued, Sadistic dominatrix determined to dish out exactly what everyone deserves! See CaSee struggle to please them both, while berated, beaten, candle-waxed and stuffed `til she explodes in multiple squirting orgasms."

The fierce sado-eroticism almalgamating between the three people – a teamwork – of intense, high-heated, savagery, domination, submission, sado-masochism and squirting humiliation – from the first glance, instantly evoked in me a growing, sadistic, visceral, drenched need to control and play with the eroticisms of others.

Melissa Monet – duly venerated and established in the adult scene – is a FUCKING SUPERHOT Dominatrix in this production, while Careena, or CaSee, takes her orders, degradation – and beatings – willingly, and in this moment entirely offering herself as malleable, for whatever filthy service her Master and Mistress desire. Monet is sensual.. savage… maternal.. merciless… intoxicating. See for yourself.

I LOOOOVE a submissive who can take themselves to this level. I find Casee’s submission, eagerness to please and obey to be STUNNING. I have always admired devoted syngery. Sexually or not. Zen as fuck.

The effects of this are obvious: the film is intensely horny, the submissive GENUINELY entered and exited another dimension, AND Master and Mistress were super satisfied. Full fucking house.

So I wonder… who has seen this production?

… and, last but certainly not least, what of the Big Black Master ?? I know many of my favourite subs are also into BBC. Better yet, I LOVE the double-dominant interracial tag-team element - perhaps because the feeling of cuckolding pathetic, fiendish pig trash while my 6'5 Ebony KING fucks the shit out of me gets me off WICKEDLY.

I’ll be talking about Melissa Monet and more in another post soon. If I can be fucked to do that. Her latest feminist porn production Shades of Pink (2014) does not compel me. For now I think I’m going to get clamped up and play this reel a few more times.

NOTE: If you want to play and watch porn WITH me on Skype, GIVING to me your flacid, lonely cock that I want soooooo much as my personal pet - all you have to do is pull out your fat juicy wallet, and Tribute to Goddess -

I challenge you to a cumfight you will surely lose.

No Less for a FUCKING Goddess x

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