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The Los Angeles Experience

March this year, I propelled myself back to LA for yet another impulsive round of play and adventure. The objective was different this time, and so rather than back-back domination ( a pace I am thoroughly missing right now ! ) I hoped to secure an apartment as a solution to perhaps stay more often and with less fret, to perhaps call LA my base, or indeed home. The UK has never felt like home to me. As such, finding a place to build has been one of my main objectives this year and has distracted me from movement in other areas of my lifestyle and profession. It is funny when I talk to people about this, and there is only one real reason why - for now, at least - LA has not become home. For now I will keep this to myself but, certainly, if it was meant to be, then I would still be there now ; ) This second trip was a fabulous melting pot of resting, healing, finding possible visa solutions which led to considering working toward a new academic qualification, networking, courting, dating and, of course, kinky, filthy, fabulously absurd play ( albeit not as much as I intended. ) I was blessed to meet nothing less than an impressively powerful group of Dommes as I journeyed through my trip. Some I had instant connection with, and I really cannot wait to be reunited with them ! From superhot Mistress Lucy and intoxicating Mistress Iris's fabulously indulgent Multi-Mistress Sunday School party (hosted at their own new dungeon space, Decameron, West Hollywood) - not forgetting the stellar Lady Grace Marie and formidible Ms.Rebecca Knox, to sharing moments with the unparagoned Mistress O of Fetish Chamber (who I admire with all my heart and soul !!), and my brief cameo attendance with my delightfully eccentric, pink flashy tutu-ed, human toilet-for-rent at one of Justine Cross's Dungeon West play-parties. Last but by no means least, I absolutely could not have adored more meeting the entire cohort of Dommes visiting DomConLA in May, courtesy of none other than the revered Mistress Cyan at Sanctuary LAX (more on this later !). As with anything in life and our relationships, it was a mixed bag of an affair: I acquired new prospectives, new lackies, new slaves and new devotees, fought wholeheartedly with slaves old and new - accepting that not all connections have the foundations required to experience a true D/s exchange of power - and learnt much about myself also. All said and done, I genuinely love each and every one of the subs who come to me on their knees - be they humble or desperately tinted - so very, very much. Reducing you further is one of the strongest means to catharsis I have discovered yet. How could I do without you, really ? It really is a shame I could not stay and explore these relationships further in the way I wanted to.

Another special connection was in a groovy, hearty vegan cafe in Weho (Elberberries on Sunset Blvd and/N Sierra Bonita Avenue - wherein you can find the BEST family of people to have eaten and rested with and the BEST genuinely healthy vegan food I have ever tasted) - here I met writer and poet Lisa Luxx of Prowl magazine, "a print publication celebrating the art of being human in a post-net world & showcasing the best of independent creativity." Lisa and I conversed much about our veneration of alternative living, and of stepping out of social boundaries and expectation. I have yet to reconnect with Lisa properly, and am most definitely looking forward to picking up where we left off : )

Sadly, I did not secure the apartment I originally set out to in March, and so the trip turned into something else. That is not to say the fruits of the experience did not quench my thirst - entirely the opposite. So OF COURSE !! I will be back regularly for play and trouble, so watch out for my return !!

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