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DomConLA !

Well if there is anything to write about in my blog - it is fucking no less than DomConLA !!! Speaking with people there and with the First Lady of the convention, the fabulous, superstellaaaaar Mistress Cyan - this was the biggest turnout to record. I can only imagine the future turnout as social acceptance, but also social need to explore sexuality, strengthens. Mercury Retrograde sincerely fucked with me this year - I just was not ready lol ! - and I managed to book a silent meditation retreat the exact same days as DomCon. This along with a ton of other logistical hellfire that seem to keep uffing up my iash. I resolved to strike a balance; cut my retreat short and do both. It was a little trippy to transition from an unrelentingly peaceful God-communion in paradise, to the basement of Hilton LAX wherein a dreamy, post-apocolyptic, kinky fetish world boldly resounded. But I relished every moment of it. I was disappointed, as missing the first three days, I only managed to see some of the workshops I had hoped to; cell popping with Azurell, rope bondage with Miss Cassie, and forced exercise with Disciple and his subs were the most interesting out of what I did see - amazing, talented people - fabulous craft ! There was sooo much more I would have loved to have experienced. I can only hope I'm back in October for more at DomConATL ! Part of the DomCon experience also included staying at the Hilton itself, which I did with a local LA sub. Fortunately, we both garnered sufficient patience for each other's company, given that we had met only briefly through another Domme he regularly serves, and negotiated all of this well. Communication issues to start created initial awkwardness, however the weekend was a success and it could not have been more perfect playing and making good company, whilst the workshops, pageant, parties and excitable corridor hubbub ensued !

Of course, various maggot-fuckers appeared almost from nowhere to introduce themselves and talk a while. I hope to reconnect with them all soon; from my crossdressing asian latex beauty, to my kind and gentle human foot stall, and even my inebriated, courting poet who undoubtedly doth protest too much ( so methinks, lil babe ).

As an independent Domme, who has built everything through intuition and a gradual process of self-realisation, in LA I knew very few in the scene. It really was quite moving to get to know and spend time and smiles with so many Dommes and subs alike. A special shout out and appreciation must be given to : Mistress Olivia, Mistress Jaguar, Mistress Indigo, Mistress Magnum, Mistress Lexine, Mistress Lyn Pops, and of course Mistress Cyan, who I exchanged meaningful speak with at the Mistress' Tea Party and throughout the convention xoxoxo Most definitely looking forward to seeing, working and/or playing with everyone again !!

Above all, WATCH OUT for DomCon ATL 2015 and Lord only knows what in years to come. Superthrills x

The above photo was shot by the one and only, fetish photographer Gerry Koehler of Los Angeles, at DomConLA 2015 xo

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