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Ello LA !

I’ve had numerous intense sessions since I’ve been out here in the city. Interesting cohort of pigs and fluffers, aren’t you.

Most have been corporate types... young and filthy, looking for thrills of sado-bliss their girlfriend’s can’t offer them, or which they are petrified to share intimately with their other halves.

I have enjoyed meeting and playing with every single person. That said, it’s always a challenge for me when I receive subs who, after we discuss limits in an initial consultation, upon meeting/feasting their eyes upon me, throw all their fetishes out the window... I mean, I fucking LOVE ULTIMATE BONDAGE – entrusting in me TOTAL reign over what you feel, see, taste and sense – maybe I will blindfold you, tease your body, shower you with filth and sprinkle you with pretty glitter. I couldn’t think of anything more arousing for myself !! However, it is also important to me we give proper attention to your kinks. These are very much part of who you are, and I would not want my subs to hold back if they are not comfortable.

As such it’s important we play intuitively, collaboratively, as much as possible, and facilitate the inescapable power exchange – this helps to ensure you are present as you should be in the erotic experience, and more sensitive what you are feeling in every moment. Far more powerful.

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