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"God's Country"

One of my favourite things about LA is the stronghold of the healing community there. I meditated with different groups and people, strategised with my stellar numerologist, experienced the most divine, soul-quenching operatic crystal bowl sounding... and soon enough some love was reborn within me.

Particularly powerful, I found myself staying on a silent meditation retreat near Malibu. I most definitely felt an Indian spirited presence, reminiscent of the spiritual peace I found on my trip to God's Country, Kerela, in 2012. On this silent retreat, I meditated four or five times a day, and studied various aspects of the Bhaghavad Gita, the story of Christ and also of the Qu'ran I had never been exposed to before. I loved and noted every single moment of realization. The vibrational quality was so strong that I resolved I had to return a second time before my LA trip was over (cut my first trip short for DomCon, no less !). This second time, I cried for five days straight - reading and meditating in between - an emotional cleansing, then. I cannot tell you how moving, inspiring and beautiful this was, and remains to be. I have recently moved to a new location, and seem to have naturally replicated some particular dimension of this retreat experience. Better yet, the entire move is gracefully congruent with the vivid symbols which, over time, have repeatedly expressed divine self-realisation to and from my purest Self. More later !! : )

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