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Tributes are acts of love, caring, respect and the like. This is your ONLY way to TRULY receive my time and attention. Without tributes to your Mistress, we neither have a real relationship, nor an understanding of each other's natural-born roles. YOUR ROLE is TO GIVE. TO SERVE. TO SUBMIT. TO OINK, KNEEL, LEARN... & BEG for punishment and forgiveness should you falter. I am the Domina you dote on.


Tributes are IMPERATIVE gestures, in order to legitimise yourself as worthy of attenion. You cannot play with me unless you pay your respect and demonstrate you understand your position. I am completely dedicated to what I do, on which I work very hard, and I expect the same of those around me. Tributes are also the perfect way to spend time with me, serve and worship me if you are unable to afford personalised sessions.







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Thrill me...        
















...& I just LOVE the slave who conspires to please me !


Below is a list of items from my wishlist. For those who are unable to afford personalised sessions, you may be interested in more of a lifestyle arrangement. Choose a gift as Tribute from the list below, and we can meet for a coffee or skype call to work out how you may be of regular or single use to me...




















Unless you have booked a personalised session, where we meet and how we play is entirely at my discretion (within your limits, obvs); how intensely I might play with you, and whether I bother to at all, will depend on your own imagination and will to please me.


Ideally you will collect and bring me at least 2 gifts.

You can easily mix your fetishes with this play, too:
- If you like shoes and foot worship, buy me shoes ! I want to watch you fucking drewl over

  them. Help me try them on and massage my feet after ; )

- If you like pussy and ass worship, or sensual domination ? buy me lingerie and sex toys !
- Want to be with my everywhere I go ? I want you to buy me jewelry and handbags !! Or
you can pay for a new tattoo, or piercing ; )

- Into voyeurism ? Take me shopping, or pay for my outtings/travel/dates/booty calls and watch it all in person, or online






  • Amazon Giftcard  (€)

  • Amazon wishlist   (€)

  • Weekly sessions with my personal trainer.

  • Buy my groceries.

  • Tattoos. Come watch ; )

  • New piercings - come watch ; )

  • Shoes - ask me for more info. What is your shoe fantasy ?

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Pay my rent. And / Or be my rent boy.

  • Into shopping and financial slavery ? I will have your cock and balls bound while I drag you from shop to shop, buying me all the things I want, or you might discretely follow me around and buy what I leave at the counter.

  • Jewellery - we can only really do that together, I'm very picky.

  • Pay for me to go to whatever classes I want to.

  • Dungeon equipment. What do you want to see me do next ?



Tributes are what enable Goddess to deliver Her craft.

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  • Ready to play ? IMPRESS ME ! Contact me telling me what you will do to satisfy my material needs, and ignite my desire to own the living fuck out of you !

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