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Best Slumber Party Ever

I ADORE the emancipated. I myself have been through so many reluctant societal-based identity struggles, that any person who is literally BEAMING with their innermost, abudant Self I am instantly in love with.

Enter Samual Shanahoy aka Teevee Dinner, a "femme punk transboy" from Australia, particularly known for his directing of music videos, short films and, specifically in our case today, queer porn.

Conceptually, from his growing catalogue of productions to Samuel's own aesthetic exterior, we find a strong and fabulous, creative prowress. It is beautifully fresh, and it is freakishly enjoyable. Loves it.

Yes, honey.. this is ELEVATED PORN; one of many captivating productions that are part of the newer, more independent erotic film movements of Feminist and LGBT porn, also including numerous productions and artistic explorations of the BDSM scene. Stay tuned for more blog uploads surrounding this (!!)

As far as the culture of Samuel's movement goes - the themes capture a quirky, queer-skater teenybopper-type existence. Seeing as I grew up in the gay capital of the UK, amongst a strong trashy and skater community, in a notably liberal seaside and historically perverted city, it's really no wonder I relish and delight in these productions !

Personally, I've always been entirely eclectic and accepting, multi-culturally (my background is Italian and Anglo-Indian, and as a child I was an ardent tom-boy - go figuuuure), so by now (at least) can only describe myself as Myself, amongst a variety show of other cultures and mindsets, and multiple backdrops of absurd social expectation. Existence has proved we ALL have that duty to stay True to our intuitive Selves. My decision to enter the professional sphere as a creative, politically and spiritually aware Dominatrix is my own expression of self-identity; my rejection of binary, conservative experience and of duality. At times playtime is as absurd as day-to-day life itself (if not as heavily pain-inflicting), and that is exactly the moment of relief.

So, how could I or any of my followers not love Samuel Shanahoy's offering of play ?! He harnesses such a fabulously immersed and fucking hilarious sense of creativity ! As with all senses of self-expression, the saving-objective is a feeling of peace, acceptance and self-mastery within oneself. Emancipation, then... is not lacking in these productions.

Below is a teaser for Shanahoy's Best Slumber Party Ever :

The allure of this short piece is quintessentially odd, tongue in cheek and at the same time sexy as fuck. With names like Stacey, Lacey and Tracey for the skater-bratt-sexfreak-chicks, and Randy for the genderbent but sterotypical geeky, dorky pervert-boy - you can't help but laugh. I find, at least for me, all of this, once they start getting FILTHY... in some feet-sucking, butt-slapping, pussy-rubbing, humiliating ("say you love Sporty Spice. Say it !!"), erotic pillow-massacre... I really actually just wanna to join the fuck in.

I LOVE how the three chicks playfully USE, humiliate and tie up the boy in skipping ropes. I love the adolescent energy and use of dummies and lollypops... glitter and pink. It's so fucking teen LGBT.

I guess it also reminds me ever so slightly of some of my old school girlfriends somewhat... In particular, actually, it reminds me of the actions of one girl, who was perhaps the most sexually curious of us all at the time - she had MASSIVE tits already, so naturally was becoming a well formed, sexually-aware young woman. Kinda. She also loved playing pranks...

We must have been about 12 or 13 years old, during a break from lessons, when we would all congregate in the woods nearby, chugging on one cigeratte between about 6 of us. On one occasion, there was a particular boy, a year or two younger than us (who looked EXACTLY like Randy in Best Slumber Party Ever, might I add). My friend, who we shall now call teen-bratt-domme, ordered him to drop his pants and show us his penis. He looked certainly... anxious (!) - but it was obvious he enjoyed the attention. The young boy simply did as he was told, and we all stood around him looking, pointing and giggling at his flacid little offering. Pre-cum began to shamefully cry out, leaving the young boy open to yet more humiliation, as my friend had the ingenious idea to wipe it off with a stick from a tree. She turned the stick on all of us, threatening to wiping and/or throwing it in our general direction... Of course, it was fucking HILARIOUS ! - we all skipped and ran off, in sworn secrecy never to share the experience with anyone outside of the circle.

Everyone got a thrill that day. I'm certain it gave the boy wet dreams rather than any kind of nightmare - and I can BET he still wanks over that as an adult to this day (!) - so would you... that's how perversion works, mancub.

Suffice to say I've always been highly, intensely aroused by power play. Perhaps Samuel Shanahoy based this on something similar ; ) It took me a while but I did find the full version of Best Slumber Party Ever. Shanahoy has since created an X-rated Sequel "The Queen Bee Empire", which is screening throughout the year at various locations in Canada, and possibly the states. I haven't worked out how to watch the full version where I'm at yet, but am hoping someone can beam me through a copy. Shanahoy is supersmart, so it would be foolish to miss it. Here's the teaser :

I'll be using these sorts of videos and some of Shanahoy's content as part of Sissy training, but also for various obedience and discipline training (JOI, CEI, and so on).

I am happy to make my own custom video productions for those that want them - contact me for more information, with your wallet WIDE OPEN - naturally.

What are you waiting for ? Pull out your boycunt and edge for me. Drop me a line so I can play with you more !

No Less for a Goddess x

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