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I haven’t had much time to write up about my sessions this week ! Today I was in Southampton – stayed in a nice little central hotel...

In my bag:

sachets and sachets of Liquid Silk lubricant

3 straps

2 collars

2 leads

2 dildos

1 strap on

2 anal butt plugs

1 pet food bowl

1 flogger

1 paddle

1 cane

a wig for my silly sissy slut

clothes pegs – shit loads of them !

Japanese nipple clamps for my titties = sodden

several outfits

I had a session with one sub in particular on this fly-by visit…

With my wonderfully silly, sissified slut… she absolutely craves a heavy caning and bizarre humiliation… and I fucking LOVE dishing it out ! He is a very greedy, demanding slave indeed, so next time I will have to give him some oldschooling he will Shirley not forget ; )

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