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“Tantric, biotelemetric interfacing."

Last night I managed to watch a new film called The Zero Theroem, directed by Terry Gilliam. I’m sure you know some of his films. His creative output is exactly the weird, absurd kooky kind of shit I like; usually pertaining to some dystopian existence that we can all each transcend through enlightened intelligence and intuition.

I posted one of my favourite scenes on Twitter some time ago. My particular interest was the character Bainsley (Mélanie Thierry), who is a radiant, charming, playful partygoer and, we later discover, a webcam girl. I adore her. She develops a connection with the main character, Qohen (Christoph Waltz). Qohen is an IT drone, an outsider to society, mostly due to his existential angst and the apparent maddening and losing of the Self that this has caused in a digitized, computerized age. He seems to have lost his soul. Bainsley is a sexy, intriguing, seductive and beautiful woman who seeks to open him up from his soulless exterior. She points out though, that she doesn’t have sexual intercourse. Instead she says specializes in - which I fucking love - “tantric, biotelemetric interfacing… and, God, it just feels sooooo super tingly”.

The scene I posted shows Bainsley taking Qohen on his first sexual adventure through the most powerful erotic zone we have :

I quoted Gilliam’s commentary to Zero Theroem in my Guide to Submission :

In this super-connected world, where is the room to escape, to define yourself as alone, but not lonely?

The interesting aspect about this comment is whilst outsiders see Qohen as a “lonely” outsider, Qohen does not feel lonely at all. He seems anaesthetized by the Orwellian powers of Management dictating his perpetual work schedule, yet at the same time, in a world of algorithms and formulae, is so affected by a lacking in meaning in life for all (he constantly refers to himself in plural as “we” and “us”), that the concept of loneliness seems irrelevant. People connect with him, but he remains disconnected. So consumed by the idea that everything is for nothing, as he waits for the classic, mysterious "call" to explain all existence, he does not consider properly the meaning that can be found in the company of those around him. At least, that is, until it was too late… or, perhaps he is saved afterall?

This is just one shade of this intricate plot, since there are plenty more existential Waiting for Godot-type, black hole quantum elements to enjoy. If that’s you’re thing, that is.

Being spiritually-minded I tend to consider things in their entirety… For me, this is a beautifully absurd example of the importance in the Art of Self-Growth, Self-Mastery and Self-Knowledge: specifically, the IMPORTANCE of solitude, of being alone but, indeed, NOT lonely, having gracefully understood HOW to CONNECT completely, energetically, with somebody to become one regardless of space and time.... Detaching ourselves from our own single experience; escaping, creating "room", realease, and positive karma, for new, alternative experience and reality, and finding a deeper meaning from it.

Insofar as the relationship between Bainsley and Qohen are a theme, Bainsley's teasing, charming, dreamy influence, despite her ultimate physical absence, is clear at the close of the film. It inspires in me the knowledge that not everyone we love is going to make it, but we nonetheless all amalgamate and grow closer to emancipation.

This is an important foundation, and function, that belongs to any True relationship, and certainly is what I expect my submissives to understand : the ideal service both a sub can offer to a Domme and vice versa, is to honour the other to the point that you can feel that person always with you, and you with them, intuitively knowing, sharing, what they are thinking, want or even dream - physical presence is a formality, and the mind is the ultimate aphrodisiac. In a D/s relationship, this is what some may call aspects of Domspace, Subspace and of Power Exchange. It is an amalgamation and resonance of potent energy; exhilirating catharsis... Bainsley, whilst not an overt Dominatrix, nonetheless carries the teasing allure, power and attraction associated with the Supreme Female, through which Qohen's emancipation comes to fruition.

The only way a person can achieve such elevated connection with another is by relinquishing the need for self-gratification - complete selflessness. It is a process of humility, and of acceptance. It is an Art which, if allowed, opens us up to an infinite cycle of inspiration and creativity :

I honour the place within you where, when you’re in that place in you

and I am in that place in me,

there’s only one of us.


...This post will resonate with some more than others, and others more in time. For now, these are just first stabs at the blog section – I will be posting plenty of both BDSM and non-BDSM, personal content with my thoughts and feelings for you to engage with. Feel free to comment at any point. I suggest you watch the film if you get the opportunity.

Special requests for custom-content will require due Tribute, naturally.

No Less for a Goddess x

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