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Your questions are posted here anonymously. You will receive an email when your answer is given. Answers are given at my discretion. So you had better  kiss my ass...

Q: Hello Domina Shuki. Please tell me how I can see more photos of you?? I need more Goddess! Do you have a gallery?

ANON, 2 July 2014, 19:20.


A: Pearls Before Swine...

I take my craft very seriously. I don't upload my personal and intimate photos to the gallery, update my twitter, blogs or create new content for any dog or swine to see, nor do I bend to your needs for more Goddess.


Newcomers, be very clear, I ONLY send photos to those who have properly applied and tributed to play with me as per this website. You have to draw me closer to you, if you want more photos, and more Goddess...


It's you who yearns, yields, and begs for more Domina When we play, you naturally conspire to send me tributes and real-time pictures of yourself. You show me the filthy, perverted, humiliating things you will do - JUST FOR ME - all in my honour, that you might inspire my cruel desire, and capture a glimpse of my super-sexual delight. I am not the slave...


VIPs (Very Important Perverts) have exclusive member-access to my PRIVATE GALLERY and collection of photoshoots, regular uploads, exclusive blog content and discounts on custom requests.


Images found on this site and in the VIP Gallery are also available in hardcopy originals and without watermarks on a request and tribute basis.


Custom shoots and fetish/interest requests can also be made. All requests can be submitted in the same place you asked your question today.



Q. I want to play online. What's the difference between a Training Assignment and Ultimate Bondage? ANON, Fri 7 July 2014, 15:17.

A. Training assignments are packages of tasks and play for those who want to sample the lifestyle. They can be done by email, phone, text, IM and, if you're happy, video-call. Once you have shared your interests, fetishes, limits and availability with me, and I have accepted your application ... play will begin !! You have a minimum of one week to complete each assignment, and a maximum of one month. Five-minute video-calls will take place at the beginning and end of each assignment period. Excellent behaviour will be rewarded with BONUS video time.


If you want to continue after any package has expired, just top it up or select from one of the other services on offer.


Ultimate bondage contracts are different in that they are vows of complete relinquishment and devotion. Contracts come with daily, weekly or monthly interaction (email, phone, text, IM, video-call) according to your fetishes, availability, budget and eagerness to impress me. This is for serious devotees only.


Characteristics of a Devotee :

A serious devotee knows the deeper the submission, the sweeter the reward.

You are most satisfied when you have made my life easier in some way.

You like to keep a part of yourself separate from the world, just for you and me, and you never want to stop.

You LONG to be close to me, to be part of my life, to nurture me as I do you.

You ou are ready to accept your role in this life is to learn from me, grow for me, and better yourself by me.


  • VIP Privileges may be bestowed upon those who are able to please me spectacularly during assignments, devotion and play.




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Q. Do you Skype? ANON, 15 July 2014, 11:20.

A. Skype interaction is included in all Training Assignments and Ultimate Bondage contracts. You can also earn extra Skype time by serving me well.......


Cick here for details.

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Q: Your stylish and deeper awareness of the mind of a submissive intrigues me. How has your interest in BDSM developed?

ANON, Fri 18 July 2014, 22:45.


A: I like this question.

Well… the OBVIOUS answer is that anyone who has ever known me, loved me, hated me, fucked me or got fucked up by me, can say I am naturally one highly super-sexual, kinky, twisted, bitch of a son !

I have a love for the traditional sugar daddy:baby dynamic as much as I do for Female led relationships. In my personal life, I like to mix it up. Both arouse my charming and loving nature.

I talk about the karmic effect of my craft in the Guide to Submission, and in much more detail in my blog. It is an art. Our actions and experiences strengthen our greater will and bring us closer to emancipation in our daily lives, only if we let them. Accepting ourselves as we come - the karma of our mind, body and spirit - is an important step in reaching our fullest or limitless imaginative and creative potential... perhaps your admiration stems from the authenticity I am so devoted to. As such, I ensure my submissives knows how to connect with himself - with his fantasies, his kinks and peversions. Let alone with a woman. Let alone with his life.


What you call style and depth are qualities I seek to create in your experiences - both with me, and as part of your wider journey.

BDSM is, at its best, a spiritual practice. Knowing the mind and body are inextricably linked, we are ALL capable of experiencing, transcending and growing into Mastery in very our own right. Submission is one of the greatest masteries of the Self.

I am probably one of the most loyal, honest, open minded and realistic women you will ever meet. I also have a wild imagination, and so I'm looking for connections that mutually inspire. I ADORE a perfect submissive who obediently forfeits his ego, showering me with gifts and appreciation while I train and discipline him into a noxious Subspace. There is NOTHING that turns me on more. Think you got what I'm looking for? ; )

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