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Give away ALL control.

Give away ALL control.

For many, both D- and s-type, Total Power Exchange (TPE) is the ultimate fantasy and long-term goal. It therefore brings me much pleasure to invite the most ambitious of players to sample that lifestyle to the extreme online with me (real-time also poss;see below).


For this exercise, my personal preference is that you sacrifice ALL basic privelages. NO contact with the outside world, NO bathroom visits or even eating, and asbolutely no jerking off or orgasms WITHOUT MY EXPRESSED PERMISSION. As I continue to challenge and frustrate you with a most carefully designed sequence of tasks and assignments, both erotic and humilating, I own & devastate you via spycam, interactive vibrators, app-controlled butt plugs and/or chastity.

Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Broadcasts. STRICT POWER EXCHANGE.

Intimate Tease and Denial.


I offer a custom-lockdown experience to just ONE slave at a given time, to ensure my EXCLUSIVE attention. Expect, therefore, an incessant fanfare of provocative contact with Me via phonecall, instant, voice and video, messaging, as I watch your EVERY move on camera. Having already agreed with you a select artillery of toys and gadgets, I conspire to fuck with you when you least expect.

...But would LOCKDOWN reeeaaally be LOCKDOWN without those destitute periods of abandon, isolation, and self-reflection ? I have my sickest of ways with you, only to leave you deserted, bound and gagged. For many, this is a moment in play where we might release and expunge some inner conflict and suffering in our personal lives or, perhaps, you might feel such a rapturous quenching from the very act of complete reliquishment of power, that you are now posessed by a blissful daze of belonging. Until I snap you back under my control, that is....

For the experience of a lifetime, keep reading....


Imagine the opportunity to become a total slave....


'...completely at my mercy,


To be dressed

(or undressed)

as I crave,

to be completely subservient to Me;

To be used for ANYTHING I want to use you for.

To be degraded and humiliated,

for MY pleasure.

Severely disciplined every time you fail to meet my EXACTING standards;

tormented and humiliated JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT...

I am now pleased to offer you just that opportunity.


To sample being the "lifestyle" slave of Me; your beautiful, alluring BITCH-Goddess.'


Domina Shuki xo


- LIMITS ARE OF COURSE PARAMOUNT AND WE WILL DISCUSS WHAT WILL AND WONT WORK FOR YOU, always with the purpose of creating the ultimate feeling you seek of complete, both mental and physical, enslavement and your formative absorption into subspace.

- It might be worth it to buy some toys and equipment if you don't have any or want to try something new. Check out my latest favourite toys and equipment for ideas.

- 500 Tribute/24hrs Online TPE. Lockdown can be longer according to the experience you are looking to create.

- If you're looking to do this in real-time, you can apply via the ARRANGE TO MEET page.

- Finally, at the end of our time together, we make sure there is time for due Aftercare and checking-in.

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